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Impressive Systems SQLServer Practice Group has worked with many Small and Mid-Cap Customers on SQL Server 2005 Migration, Data Warehousing and Administration Challenges. Our Solution focuses on Customer existing environment and provides recommendations for phased migration/implementation to SQL Server 2005 environment.
Business Assessment
Business Assessment focuses on the root causes of what are usually complex challenges: it analyzes the company’s history and current situation, identifies new opportunities, and determines the way out of the crisis and the path forward.
Solution Delivery
Solution Delivery employs the Impressive Systems Methodology to communicate and cascade strategy across the company, through effectively aligned financial and budgeting structures, systematic and detailed action plans, and the measurement of processes and results, aligning the entire organization in a holistic manner.
Quality Assurance
Workplan Execution focuses on the implementation of strategic initiative Impressive Systems consultants use a rigorous, hands-on project management approach which results in continuous improvement and value creation.
Extraction Planning
Extraction Planning focuses on the horizons and issues that will enable a business to sustain growth: it looks at the big picture, then analyzes the company’s status, and the forces likely to impact it in the future, and finally, creates a Strategic Plan, which defines the direction in which the company will head, and an Action Plan, which articulates how to get there.
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