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With ever increasing demand for online auctioning and bidding, E-Retailer resellers are in need of systems to manage their day-to-day business activities like inventory management, order tracking, actions tracking, e-Commerce, etc. Impressive Systems has developed framework solutions that can integrated with a ERP system and provide easily manageable solution.

Some of the features of this solution are:
Auction Entry
Auction Entry enables individuals or organization to enter items, track progress and provide details. Users enter each items details to be listed in various auctions using this module.
Inventory Management
The Inventory Management module facilitates timely, efficient, sales and trouble tracking by linking key data, follow-up and task assignments.
Report Writer enables the creation of remarkably effective reports by linking to the E-Retailer database and allowing the user to make exciting Reports presentations and write documents.
Auction Tracking
This module enable users to track each auction the item is listed and provides the details on correspondence.
Trend Analysis
Trend Analysis enables everyone in the organization to visualize the business' trends, so that patterns can be discerned and opportunities identified, enabling a company to see where it has been, its current situation, and to more clearly determine where it is headed.
Audit Trails
Audit Trails creates transparency throughout the organization and reduces the possibility of data tampering.
An automated alert system advises company leaders or any specifically authorized user whenever business, at any level in organization, reaches a pre-set threshold.
E-Retailer Software and Services is an extremely cost effective solution. The total cost of ownership is significantly less than alternative software products. E-Retailer is available in two different flavors:
Per User Software Licensing
Services Delivery and Customization
For additional details please email us at sales@ImpressiveSystems.com.
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