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Cloud Services - Disaster Recovery

Traditional recovery plans also require complex manual processes that are slow and prone to error. As a result, organizations find themselves unable to provide sufficient disaster recovery protection for more than a few privileged systems. Organizations are turning to Impressive Systems’s virtualization solutions to address these challenges because Impressive Systems helps enterprise’s to setup effective disaster recovery for both physical and virtualized servers. Physical servers can be recovered to virtual machine recovery targets in a “physical-to-virtual” recovery scenario. Even greater benefits can be realized in a “virtual-to-virtual” recovery scenario, where virtual machines in production are recovered to virtual machines. Using Impressive Systems virtualized solutions, organizations can effectively meet core requirements for disaster recovery:

Rapid recovery

Impressive Systems virtualized solutions, eliminates many of the slow, manual steps in traditional recovery. Virtualization provides true hardware independence, eliminating the need to reinstall software or go through bare-metal recovery processes. Impressive Systems's virtualized solutions suite uses VMware vCenter™ compatible services such as Site Recovery Manager or Zerto for organizations that use VMware solutions for virtualization. For example VMware’s SRM ( Site Recovery Manager ) is used to automate execution of the recovery process to further accelerate recovery.  

Reliable recovery

Impressive Systems virtualized solutions, eliminates many of the common causes of failed recovery, including failures due to hardware dependencies. Combining Vmware’s vSphere with the management and automation capabilities of Zerto or Site Recovery Manager ensures that recovery plans are consistently executed as designed. Both Zerto and Site Recovery Manager provide non-disruptive testing automation, simplifying testing of recovery plans. We provide comprehensive planning services to assist your business in selecting the best fitting solution that matches goals and budget requirements.

• Affordable recovery.

Impressive Systems virtualized solutions makes it possible to deliver rapid and reliable disaster recovery without requiring a duplicate, idle datacenter. Virtual machines are recoverable on any hardware, even hardware that has been retired or repurposed from production. Virtualization is a proven solution for server consolidation, reducing the cost of server infrastructure for both production and recovery. Additionally, virtualization makes it possible to utilize recovery hardware without affecting disaster recovery and without requiring reconfiguration.  

Key Benefits

Customers using Impressive Systems virtualized solutions for Disaster recovery to improve their business continuity plans have realized the following benefits: • Reduced downtime Impressive Systems helps customers prevent common causes of planned and unplanned downtime and minimize downtime when outages do occur. • Simplified processes Impressive Systems virtualized solutions removes the complexity of maintaining duplicate physical systems for disaster recovery. It also eliminates and streamlines much of the recovery process. • Expanded protection: Because Impressive Systems solutions reduces the cost and complexity of business continuity solutions, companies can cost-effectively increase availability and ensure more rapid disaster recovery for more of their important applications.

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