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Cloud Services - Business Continuity

We offer a comprehensive range of business continuity consulting and delivery services to help you develop the infrastructure required to recover your IT critical business processes following a service interruption or disaster. As a key part of these services, we offer optional business recovery services in which we manage part or all of your business recovery operations. With Impressive Systems Business Continuity Services, you will benefit from:

  • Business Continuity Process Model to help your business by identify your business needs, translate them into recovery strategies, and then develop a plan and robust implementation to help ensure your business continuity
  • Expertise in distributed IT recovery to help assure your recovery objectives are met
  • Flexibility to fit your business needs and your evolving IT environment
Business Continuity Businesses are more dependent than ever on technology. E-business has made it an imperative to be available continuously, or face significant business implications - loss of business revenue, market credibility, stock valuation, and productivity. The goal today is to achieve business continuity, where critical business processes are continuously available to meet your business goals no matter what happens. If your business relies on IT you must be prepared for risks of many type and duration, from day-to-day glitches, unexpected peaks in customer traffic, hacker intrusion, recurring application problems, or a full-scale disaster. Business continuity services provide effective strategies and plans for the continuity or recovery of key IT enabled business processes, thereby minimizing the impact an outage or disaster could have on your business. IT Recovery Our full spectrum of business recovery services are designed to fit the value and recovery needs of each of your business processes. These services are differentiated primarily by the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) - the length of time between disaster declaration and when your end-users can reconnect to their important business applications. Nearly all the Business Continuity services feature highly trained and experienced recovery specialists who assist customers during both disaster rehearsals and actual disasters to help ensure a smooth recovery.
basic Simple, cost-effective recovery for less critical processes. Allows you to use your own facilities with minimal disruptions to your staff
continuous For a company's highest value business processes. With fully dedicated systems, storage and networking, Impressive Systems Continuous can facilitate key protected workflows.
core Allows recovery through a fixed recovery center, a mobile recovery center, or a ship-to-site service
critical A moderately priced, premium service featuring end-user connectivity within 8-24 hours of disaster declaration. Fast recovery is based on our unique configuration vaulting
Office Recovery As call center and other office activities become increasingly business critical to many companies, the resumption of office-related business processes after a disaster is of high importance.

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