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As the complexity of a business grows - and the amount of data available within the enterprise explodes - companies are turning to business intelligence solutions as a way to intelligently consolidate and manage enterprise data. BI provides a unified view of data, integrating information from various data sources, such as existing enterprise applications or legacy data sources. BI consolidates these sources into a one point view of information by creating accurate and consistent data across the enterprise.

A Data Warehouse is a central repository of divergent information from various systems, with consolidated “one version of the truth” view of enterprise data. The main purpose of a Data Warehouse is to empower the management in making timely and informed decisions based on trending, forecasting and analysis of business information.

Impressive Systems handles Data Warehouse projects starting with an ROI analysis to highlight the value of a Data Warehouse for a specific business. Upon management approval, business requirements phase begins, leading into a highly interactive and iterative development of a Data Warehouse with continual deliverables to – and constant feedback from – the end users. Impressive Systems has successfully implemented several large and medium scale Data Warehouses in different industries such as Telecommunications, Utilities, Search Engines, Internet Yellow Pages, Retail Software, Education, Finance, Customer Care and Transportation.

Business Intelligence (BI) is the term used for the OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) Reporting tools that present analytical reports to the end users from a Data Warehouse. The BI tools allow the users to ‘slice-n-dice’ the data by different business aspects and apply different ‘what-if’ scenarios. The users can start with a high level view and drill-down into specific areas; rollup into higher level aggregations and drill-across for a comparative analysis.

BI tools offer many report distribution options such as intranet, e-mail, PDA, etc.; can create reports that can be integrated seamlessly between a desktop PC and web interface.
Impressive Systems Data Warehousing consulting services are focused on providing our clients the ability to fully leverage corporate data. Impressive Systems focuses on the following solutions:
Business Intelligence Strategic Planning
Business Intelligence Design, Development and Implementation
Proofs of Concept and Prototypes
Tool Analysis & Recommendation
Data Transformation (ETL)
Data Profiling
Data Quality
Impressive Systems Data Warehouse Solutions can be customized into scalable service packages designed to meet client needs for data marts, department warehouses, enterprise warehouses, and data migrations. These packages quickly derive business value with the initial implementation and easily scale to meet rapidly changing business needs.
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