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Cloud Services

When you want the best in enterprise IT services without massive investment, we can host your applications in the cloud. You’ll benefit from continual availability and greater cost control, as you only pay for what you use. And we’ll help you create the space and time to innovate for business growth. Many business are moving to the cloud for on-demand services. You too can instantly access secure, reliable, advanced technology based in our SAS-certified data centers by selecting Impressive Systems managed cloud services. The right path for your business Take small steps, starting with email perhaps, or opt to run all your business applications from the cloud. Moving some or all of your services to our cloud infrastructure gives you freedom without giving up control.

Business Continuity Recovery Services Delivering Effective Disaster Recovery Virtualization
A disaster may be measured in thousands of dollars per hour, but the bottom line is that any downtime your business experiences costs money. Any downtime can have an impact on productivity of staff, and can also impact profitability if sales are disrupted. And let's not forget the act of God, such as fire, natural disasters, power outages, viruses, hackers and of course human error. ...
Traditional disaster recovery solutions are costly, complex and frequently do not meet recovery objectives. Ensuring the fastest and most reliable recovery with traditional
solutions requires fully duplicating production infrastructure and its costs—in order to avoid failures due to hardware dependencies. ...
Impressive Systems’s experience is in helping organizations use virtualization as a building block for high performance. Our pragmatic approach streamlines complexity, helps reduce unnecessary duplication and enables organizations to improve dramatically their IT infrastructure. ...
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